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Enhancing Organizational Performance

In today's unforgiving economy, you probably have fewer people than you really need to do the work and cannot afford to have people or process problems. You also cannot afford to hire the wrong group to fix them.

We at Path bring 15 years of proven project and organizational experience to the work we do for companies and their people. We have facilitated powerful results at companies such as NASA, Netscape, eBay, Applied Materials, and many more. We align leadership behavior with the strategy of the business in order to bring powerful bottom line results such as reduced sales cycles, better customer service, improved productivity and reduced turnover. Our work is backed up by the highest academic credentials and proven, Nobel-nominated research.

Through individual and team facilitation will help you solve individual, interpersonal, process, and structural problems so that your company can achieve its best results. Our specialties include coaching, problem-solving, project management, team processes, and style/skill assessment.

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